By the time this blog being read, you all must have watched or heard about the movie ‘MASAAN’ and MAX fashion brand we all know about FEEL GOOD. LOOK GOOD

Freshness is the key which brought Max and Masaan together in Pune Inborbit Mall. Masaan brought the fresh story to the audience and Max unveiled the fresh autumn collection for their customers.

Richa chadda along with her Masaan co-stars visited the Max Pune showroom to unveil the autumn collection and later she decided to look around the Max store to add in her wardrobe some more sexy dress  …as she was looking in the night.

Yesterday night, being sunday holiday the Max showroom was buzzing with customers special the families-  who all were  enjoying the discounts and collections for entire family and Richa Chadda’s visit added the excitement for them when she roam around along with them looking at collection at store but some good people are surrounded with wrong people, same case with Richa Chadda at  last night.  a fellow in orange tshirt with her acting as she was his prized possession and not letting her interact with the waiting media, some media students and also most importantly the fans who all were present with family were informed that she will interact at the Max store.

The beautiful sexy and intelligent looking Richa Chadda should keep right people around her, who will make her more successful rather than paint her image with wrong color.

You LOOK GOOD but others should  FEEL GOOD about YOU.










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