TALVAR – The Messed up Murder Mystery

On Sunday afternoon took time and spouse for movie “TALVAR” directed by Meghna Gulzar and backed by Vishal Bhardawaj and Junglee Pictures

Both the above names have done immense research to collect all the facts and weave into script and presented a brilliant simple movie and intelligently left on public to decide the truth.

As public even we got updated with information on this double murder mystery through media and curious to know, who is behind this murder till the parents sent to jail as murderer.

Now Talver brought back the burning question on our judiciary system; Police, CBI, even Court as  how the whole system work for common man.


Talvar brilliant presentation made us to engross in the movie and succeeded in making us to note  some observation, which may be immature for the so called intelligent and capable investigation officers, who all made this is as The Messed up Murder Mystery.

1- Parent room’s  faulty AC was making noise enough that they were not able to hear what ever happened out side their room, so how come mother heard the door bell rung by maid in the morning ???

2- When mother comes out after hearing the door bell, she passes through the daughter’s room and was the door of her room was  open if yes, then how come she not seen inside the room and if door of room was closed  why she open and took enough time to cry loud till maid walks in after collecting the keys ???

3- After seeing her daughter’s body  soaked in blood, mother runs out of daughter room and hold maid and says look what the servant has done? How did she knows the servant only has killed her daughter???

4- How come father not remember what servant was wearing on that night and he checks with his wife and she remembers it ????

5- When CBI file closure report due to lack of evidence in court and Judge rejects and instruct to consider parents as culprit and begin the trail. How come without complete evidence a judge can call some one culprit??? isn’t it a person is not guilty till proven guilty ????

6- CBI file for closer report due to lack of evidence, which means there is not enough evidence with the investigation agency to prove parents are murderer, so why not bail them out and do trail????

Possibly, our observation is very immature but this movie made us to note these some points.


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