A Love Story of a Sex Worker – Yaara Silly Silly

Sex worker is not only about flesh trade but they also have heart in which the eternal feeling of love blossoms.

Film Director Subhash Sehgal trying to say this with “Yaraa Silly Silly” central character MALLIKA portrayed by Paoli Dam.


Though, earlier also many Bollywood films had character of prostitutes, who falls in love with main lead but it was never a central character.

Pic  (10) Pic  (12)

Recently, we have noticed that small or mid size  films are churning out bold and interesting story. Khans, Kapoors and Kumar or A listed actresses were reluctant to play these bold, dared, taboo and out of league character gave the opportunity to Paoli Dam like actresses to make their mark in cinema.

With the help of technology, the audience are now more matured and open for this kind of cinema which are beyond the STAR power and liked and appreciated the films for its content.

We can say that the Indian cinema and audiences now open for content rather then stars…..

Pic  (5)


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