The Crowning Glory – Kareena Kapoor Khan


Cover Story - Page 4 - Copy.jpg

Harper’s Bazaar Bride features the best of cruise fashion and trends. Covergirl Kareena Kapoor Khan travels to Spain, donning the best of cruise collections juxtaposed against the multi-layered fancy of Indian couture. Perfect for times before and after the wedding, inside you will find a curated spread of light couture perfect for honeymoons, transitional collections, key and smaller jewellery pieces that are versatile, accessories to match, and styles inspired by the most exotic corners of the world. Beauty this month focuses on the bride’s crowning glory, whereas the groom brigade also will find much inspiration for all their resort and travel needs. As for the planning, this month is all about cuisine—from top chefs to top properties, and the escapades will take you to our second edition of rooms with a view.

Cover Story - Page 2

Cover Story - Page 1

Cover Story - Page 3

Cover Story - Page 4


Cover Credits – 

Dress-  Rahul mishra
Jewellery – Bina Goenka set with GEMFIELDS emeralds and rubies.
Shoes- Christian Louboutin


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