No Pain No Gain for Pulkit Samrat

While the trailer of Sanam Re has been well received by all, credits have to go to the stunning virgin locations it has been shot in.

However, behind the stunning visuals lies the story of how challenging it was for the cast and crew to shoot in such locales with limited network and electricity issues being a part of the daily routine. Director Divya Khosla Kumar ensured that her cast and crew were well taken care of as they shot in sub zero temperatures of Himachal Pradesh in knee deep snow and in Ladakh where they had to stay in tents! The entire experience was one that they would all cherish for years to come and the magic of the same can be seen onscreen as well.

Pulkit, who is seen flaunting his abs in some scenes in the mountains talks about how difficult it was for him to continue with his workouts and diet in Ladakh. He stated that, “I had to take my shirt off in the cold sub zero temperatures and also made sure the 6 pack abs were maintained!  There was no gym, no electricity in we were staying in tents in Ladakh. It was extremely hard but totally worth it.

I would work out by carrying Bharti Singh so the chiseled physique has to be credited to her!”





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