COVER - Harper's Bazaar Bride - Feb. 2016


Celebrating a second year of fabulous weddings and even more fabulous fashion, the second edition of the anniversary-special bridal black book by HARPER’S BAZAAR BRIDE this time plays on the “power of two”. Presented in a hard-bound collector’s edition format like last year, the significance of number two lies in the fact that it is our second birthday, and a soulful bond also involves two.

The grand cover featuring superstar Priyanka Chopra will also have a theme playing along the lines of a double special, while the issue itself will bring forth top experts and known names from the wedding, fashion, and Bollywood spectre—in twos. Reiterating this, editor Nupur Mehta Puri says, “Priyanka has successfully juggled multiple roles and is one of the most powerful and charismatic stars of the moment. It was only right that she embraces our second anniversary cover in a modern diva-meets-bride avatar–which is what the Bazaar bride stands for.” Priyanka adds, “Weddings are about the woman. It is about you. Do what you want and have lots of fun.”


The fashion includes extensive features starring ensemble casts—from Goddesses styling each other, a white wedding to welcome spring, the most stylish couples of TV, and new designers dressing new faces of the country. The men play a dual role too, with the groom in his ever dapper countenance. In a first, we put together chefs to create mithaai to go along with exquisite jewels! Beauty would take you on a sensory ride this month with the theme focusing on perfumes, with perfumers and other experts curating all that is to do with this delightful elixir. For planning, we are all about details this month and present a movie-like story where every bride will find inspiration in.  And finally for travel, escape at these places awesome for “twosomes”—exotic new locales for a perfect wedding and honeymoon together. The ultimate highlight? Everything inside has been curated by 100+ celebrity guest editors, making this bridal book your classic go-to guide forever.

Cover Story - Harper's Bazaar Bride - Feb. 2016


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