Pocketful Of Sunshine

An Internationally popular song being featured on a Indian face is already an internet hit. Yes we are talking about Ahaana Kochars new video Pocketful of Sunshine.

Actress Ahaana Kochar who was last seen in the ‘Ude Dil Befikre’s rendition has now come up with a new video where she is seen creating her own sunshine to one of Natasha Bedingfield’s most famous track- Pocketful of Sunshine. The young talented actress is seen in a very different and bold avatar and still manages to look as beautiful as ever.

Ahaana 2


Ahaana 1

The beginning of the video suggests that Ahaana walks away as she has been rejected for a role from an audition. Instead of crying over spit milk, she chooses to loosen up a little bit and enjoy her day out and find herself small moments of joy and freedom. The video centers on escaping from one’s troubles and shows how the girl discusses escapism and finds a peaceful place. Towards the end she is seen in a photoshoot for another upcoming film featuring her! ‘In the darkness there’s light’ is the theme of the song and is very convincingly portrayed by the actress.
The video has already garnered around 26,686 views in a matter of 24 hours. Filmmaker Santosh Sivan too has tweeted about the new video featuring Ahaana Kochar. Her earlier video of Ude Dil Befikre (Tribute) Reloaded garnered around 415,866 views and The Humma Tribute Reloaded garnered around 538,929 views till date.

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