An interaction with designer and stylist Gayatri Thadani

“I admire Priyanka Chopra’s sense of fashion”

Mumbai-based designer and stylist Gayatri Thadani  started working as a Fashion Designer and Stylist at a very young age. She knew from the very beginning that she wanted to work towards building a career in fashion. Her most recent project released last week- MOM and Gayatri feels fortunate to be a part of such a great team! 

Gayatri Thadani

We recently got a chance to talk to Gayatri about her career and what it’s like working with ad makers, filmmakers and brands.

When did you realize you wanted to get into designing and styling?

– Very early in my life i was exposed to the fashion world through domestic and international fashion shows. Art, fashion and beauty were among my first passions and hobbies. In fact during college days, i used to get few designs in my head and i used to sketch it out and work on the final product. I never imagined I could work in any other sector. So I had a constant and wide exposure about fashion and manufacturing designs by being in workshops, networking and attending various shows!

What are the challenges you face as a celebrity stylist?

– Well, i think as a designer and stylist, sometimes to match up with deadlines can get crazy. Right from sketching to getting costumes stitched to the final outcome…it can get hectic. Like when i was styling for the promotional songs of Dishoom- i had to get 100 costumes ready for the dancers in 2 days!

Also, the perception of people that its a glamorous job, they are completely unaware of the excruciating long hours- the physical and mental labour that goes in.  One needs to have a lot of patience and energy to deal with the frenzy.

How do you manage your time, considering your job profile must be having odd hours of work.

– Initially, it was crazy because of the odd hours, I had absolutely no social life. But over a period of time, I made sure I work hard on weekdays and take time out to chill with family and friends on a weekend! There is a lot of running about, but that’s the fun part of being in this profession

Which Bollywood divas fashion sense do you admire?

– Priyanka Chopra, wins hands down! I truly admire her fashion sense- be it western wear, traditional , bikini or just casual! She is a true Indian beauty and pulls off any fashion elegantly! She knows how to keep it sassy and classy, and has immortalized quite a few drool-worthy looks. I really wish i get to style her someday!

What are your future projects?

– Mom has released and it’s getting great response. So I’m happy I could be a part of this super project! I am currently working on a Marathi movie and its fun to explore how the Marathi film industry works. I am also working on a few ad shows for a few fashion and beauty brands.

Ad commercials, films or personal- which genre excites you more ?

– I personally prefer working on films as there is a lot of exposure and creative freedom. Right from sketching the character, the entire look- from clothes to make up to hair to accessories- It’s a lot more challenging and fun at the same time.
You can follow Gayatri’s work on Instagram here:

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